Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quest for Happiness

As I was reading my Parenting magazine last night, I came across an article that got me thinking about my own quest for happiness. It was about the secrets of happy families. It basically broke down happiness into "Six Essential Tenets".

1) Happiness is basic. Just ask your kids

Basically this states that it is the simple things in life that make us the happiest. The simple things like sleeping enough, eating regular meals, and being active. If you don't do these things you will be fussy.

2) Happiness changes over time

This highlights the fact that the relationship with your kids change over time as the reach new stages of development, and while there is a loss there, you should also think about the new things that are coming.

3) Happiness is contagious

On days when you just aren't feeling too happy, fake it til you make it. Act silly for your kids. This will encourage them to act silly, which will likely put you in a good mood (for real).

4) Happiness can't be controlled

Basically this stresses that you can not try to control the relationships in your life, so the next time your child challenges you try to hear them out. This promotes independent thinking.

5) Happiness doesn't always make you happy

This is highlighted by the fact that parents drive them selves crazy driving kids back and forth to soccer games and dance lessons, but the end result (i.e. a well rounded, social kid) brings them happiness in the end

6) Happiness just happened ... and you missed it

This stresses the importance of memorializing what's happening and embracing what you have right now

So what do you think? Are you following these tenets? What makes you happy?

I realized this morning as I watched through the monitor while my husband kissed our daughter goodbye before leaving for work that those simple moments are what make me happy. It doesn't matter if we have the newest and best things because we have each other. I think I need to practice tenet 6 more and remember to cherish those moments as they happen.

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