Friday, April 1, 2011

Behavior Charts

A to Z Challenge - B is for Behavior Charts

I love me some behavior charts!!! I love creating behavior charts and I love helping others create them. In reality, Razzy's Corner grew out of my love for making charts. I initially wanted to offer a service to make custom behavioral charts; however, the logistics involved with that kind of endeavor was just to much to handle right now, so I tabled that. Then I found myself giving advice to friends on Facebook and decided maybe a blog would be a good way to feed my creative bug. Then came Razzy's Corner.

I want to put more work and time into the posts dealing with behavioral charts, so I won't really get into it in this post since one of the suggestions for this challenge was to keep posts short. However, I will share with you a few of the charts I have created. These are all samples charts I have created in the past as a teaching tool when working with interns.

Soccer Chart
This chart is targeting the behaviors of Listening, Disrespect, and Aggression. I always try to keep things positive (We will discuss this more in the next post), but certain behaviors require immediate consequences (i.e. physical aggression). In this chart, the child makes his way towards the goal (dribbling)by following directions, being respectful, and staying calm. He gets warnings (yellow cards) for not listening and being disrespectful, and a red card for aggression. Two yellow cards equals a red and red means he has to take a place backwards on the chart. Once he reaches the goal he gets a reward.

Cars Chart
This chart has a lot of flexibility worked in (also discussed in an upcoming post). He earns a car each day of the week if he does the target behaviors (not listed on chart to allow for flexibility) and if he gets the number of cars needed during the week he will get to pick a reward from the Gas Station (a reward menu would typically be under the section of the chart titled Gas Station).

Flower Pot Chart
This is probably one of my favorite charts ever because with my limited creative talent I was still able to somehow manage to get the creative idea I had in my head to look halfway decent in real life (I struggle with this). This chart is based solely on rewards and has the child earning flower petals when she does the target behaviors (i.e. pick up toys, take a nap without crying, and feeding the cat). When she gets enough flower petals (it could either be one flower full or all three depending on how the chart is set up) she gets to pick a reward from the Gardener's Shed.

Stuffed Animal Chart
This is an example of a chart where my creative mind was hindered by my lack of actual creative talent. LOL! The idea was that for the behaviors listed on the lid of the toy box (i.e. complete homework, do what asked, straighten room) the child would earn a stuffed animal to go on the bed. When they earned enough stuffed animals (this is where some flexibility is built in) they can earn something from the reward menu (it is left off the chart in this case). This chart also has some consequences in that if the child does any of the behaviors on the Time Out Rug (i.e. hitting or getting 3 strikes) they lose a stuffed animal.

So those are just a few examples. We will be going into some of the finer details of making a successfulness behavior chart in later posts and hopefully by the end of the A to Z Challenge, readers will know what they need to in order to make their own highly successful chart.

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Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

I have three sons, we GET behavior charts. LOL

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Those are funny! I highly approve of the one featuring Alex.

John said...

I dropped by for weekword AMUSE but enjoyed reading and seeing your work which is positively thought provoking and they are great motivational tools.